How can a Database Help me?   Most everyone has heard of a database, but most people don't realize exactly what it is and how it can help them!  A database is a product that manages all of the information you use in your business.  Once you collect the data, a database allows you to manage and use it!  We offer several Database products such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL and others.  Want to know more about what a Database can do?

What is FLASH ?
  About every 6 months a new product comes out that revolutionizes the market place.  FLASH is a software design tool that allows us to create very cool and highly animated websites.  We can create the entire website in Flash or just parts.  There are some drawbacks to using Flash and there are some major benefits.
Let us tell you more about it!
I don't know a thing about websites, but I want to update parts of it, can you make it easy for me?,   We specialize in helping you control your website.  We know that you are in business and your website reflects your business, so changes are constant!  We don't expect you to learn XHTML or understand the complex world of Javascript or graphics design.  What we do is create an easy way for you to add, update or delete parts of your site with programming!   We create a protected area that you work manage and update the contents f your website.  Want to learn more?
Let our trained designers and programmers develop a communication tool that will allow your business to interact with your clients. Our goal is to create a sales and marketing tool for businesses as well as creating ideas that can be enjoyed by everyone!

We offer private Hosting. This ensures your company will receive dedicated bandwidth and limited interference from our other clients.  Most companies put hundreds of websites on each server to make a profit at your expense.  We make sure all of our servers are running a peak performance and limit the number of website on each server to maintain maximum advantage for you.  All hosting at McCoy Productions  is by invitation only, if you would like us to review your needs please contact us.  A strong global presence not only requires a great website, but a great hosting company to make sure its fast and always available. Don't be fooled by other companies who offer hosting the masses, its a volume game, and your just 1 in a million to them. At McCoy Productions, your part of our family of clients, and your needs will be handled with personal care and concern.

We know that getting a website is an important step in communicating with the world.  We walk you through the steps required to  get started and help you understand the cost's and options that you can add to your site to make sure its right for you.

How we start each web development project

1  We start by listening to your needs and requirements.  All websites have a purpose, and we help you understand the options that can help you accomplish that goal.  We do allot of listening and then ask some questions to get a feel for what look your wanting and how developed a site your needing.
2 We then get to the hard part, Determining a budget!  This is the part where 99% of our clients ask "well, how much does a website cost?"  Its not an easy answer since all websites are unique and all have different requirements.   We take the approach like a home builder would.  Do you want a bungalow or a lake side mansion ?   The best way we have found so far is to get your requirements down, then have you determine a budget you want to spend on this project.  We do have a minimum of $350, and we charge $65 an hour for graphical design and programming. (but that only tells you enough to understand how we bill, not how fast or how much we can get done!)  That also depends on your requirements!  We then take your requirements and your budget and draw up a game plan.  We know  how many hours we have to work on it, and what we need to get done.  So we then can understand  how many bells and whistles will be added or if we use basic designs to get more pages for the buck.
3. We get started on MOCK UPS.  There are several ways to do this.  Custom Design vs. Pre-designed templates.  In order to give you more bang for your buck, you can choose a template to build on, or we can design something from Scratch.  We normally design 3 Variations of colors and looks to allow you to start guiding us in the direction that will make you happiest.  Once you decided on the layout and colors we start gathering all the data and functional needs and create pages to accomplish all the goals your site has.
4. Once we are in major development, we create a page for you to keep track of what we are doing. This is where you can see all the current pages and any new pages we have built.  We set check points for each stage of development, and have a review and signoff requirements before we take the next step.  (if the site is simple, we don't get so formal, but for a large corporate site, we work under a stick structure to make sure we don't miss any important details or let your project get off budget.
5. Delivery can be uploading it to our server for hosting , or loading it to another host.  We also can deliver it on a fully functional CD-ROM.  That way you have a complete copy of your site for backup.  If we are not hosting it, we don't guarantee its stability and charge to reload any sites that get messed up.

All Major forms of Graphics and Animation


 Unix based or Microsoft based
Java / VB Scripting
SQL Database Design
E-Commerce / Catalogs
FLASH / Shockwave

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Some of the Clients:  note some of our clients change their own pages, so we don't claim to all the graphics or design.  Normally we start with a design and they modify it.
Bravo Entertainment   Candice Laurie Makeup Artist   Perry Law Firm
Gloria McDonald Photography   Ranch Cams
Equine Canine Chiropractor   Home Qualify Mortgage
Horse Shoe Designs   Equine Expo of Texas
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