Video Productions,   Have you ever thought about a TV commercial ?  Thought they were too expensive to produce and run?
Local Cable adds can run as little as $25 per run!  Call and find out how we can have your commercial run on CNN, ESPN or the Life time Network.  Its just as cheap as print, but has much more punch!

Photography,  Need a new headshot for your marketing.  We offer on location shoots as well as studio.  That's right ,we can bring our studio to your location to make it easier!  We offer all areas of photography, so call us!
Internet Design,  Been thinking you need a website, well your right!  We offer affordable design and hosting solutions.  We offer personal service and will help you from conception to maintenance.  We offer full service sites as well as allowing you full control.  We can make your web experience fun and easy, call to get started today!
    Let your clients experience every aspect of your companies products and ideas. Our staff  can create a fully integrated medium of video, animation, and sound to give you a perfect  presentation every time. Increase sales and cut costs with a CD-ROM or DVD. Let your clients interact  with your product, empower your clients with the ability to browse information at their leisure and on their time. Multimedia, the medium of the next generation. When your interactive CD-ROM is complete we can then upload it to run on your website with a touch of a button!


  Interactive CD-Rom developed with Macromedia FLASH and Director. Premium Ware wanted us to develop an interactive brochure that could be sent to prospective clients as well as showed at there annual convention.

For this project we began with a simple organic design scheme that would portray the magnitude of their services. As well as complex aesthetics this brochure is made up of hundreds of pages of text and animated graphs and movies that further explain Premium Ware.  






Interactive CD-ROM developed with Macromedia FLASH and Director.  Vast Solutions wanted a tool for sales training in the Field.  What better way than a CD business Card!

The training material was taken from the print version, and enhance with music, graphics and audio.  The final version was a concise and entertaining training course on what Vast Solutions was offering and what key points should be relayed when selling the products.






Interactive CD-Rom developed with Macromedia FLASH and Director. As a mailer to be sent to based clients and prospective clients as well.

Chexpidite was a banking product that allowed individuals and business to provide a solution for transferring and paying money in the form of electronic checks.  It also offered many other business opportunities. This CD was a full catalog and explanation of all its business products and services.  This could be used to sell and train.




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